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#16: πŸš€ Jobs at MHP, πŸ—£ the technology behind Plantix and ✍️ Tagesmutter in Germany

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Dr. Paras Mehta
Dr. Paras Mehta

πŸš€ Jobs at MHP

MHP, a subsidiary of Porsche is hiring for several full-time and student positions in data science, software development and several other roles at different locations across Germany. Read more here.

πŸ—£ The technology behind Plantix with Dr. Ivan Kalev

Plantix is an agri-tech startup from Berlin which uses AI and computer vision to help farmers in India and all over the globe in identifying plant diseases and improving crop health. Dr. Ivan Kalev, Head of Engineering at Plantix, shares some great insights about the technology that drives the company's solution and gives many suggestions for those who want to work there. Ivan has more than 15 years of experience building scalable software systems and leading tech teams.

πŸŽ™ Listen to the full episode and πŸ“ Read the blog post here.

✍️ The concept of Tagesmutter in Germany

Instead of a kindergarten, you also have the option to send your child to a Tagesmutter or a Tagesvater in Germany. We explain what this means and how it is different from a kindergarten. Read more here.

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Dr. Paras Mehta

Paras has spent 10 yrs in software, data science, research & entrepreneurship in Germany. PhD FU Berlin | MSc 1st position | Marie Curie, Erasmus Mundus fellow | BTech DTU | Visiting Scholar Cambridge

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