Preparing your CV for job applications in Germany with Advait Valluri

Listen to Advait's tips on how to prepare a great CV for job applications in Germany and read the show notes with sample CV templates!

Dr. Paras Mehta
Dr. Paras Mehta

Your CV is your first impression on recruiters and hiring managers. However, how a CV should look like tends to vary from country to country. Today on the India2Germany podcast, Advait Valluri, gives us his tips and suggestions on what a good CV should look like for job applications in Germany. Advait is a Product Manager in Module Management Chassis, Powertrain and Autonomous Driving at Audi in Germany. For many years, he has been reviewing job applications and CVs, and advising applicants on how to structure their CV to maximize their chances of landing a job.

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Show notes

Some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Importance of CV
  • Advait's experience with reviewing people’s CV
  • How should the layout look like? Give the CV a professional look
  • Plain vs. appealing templates
  • How long should a CV be?
  • What should the content be like?
  • Grammatical pointers
  • Using scales for languages, skills
  • Date formatting
  • Consistency across document
  • What information should the personal section entail?
  • Replaces links with aliases
  • Functioning links for mail addresses
  • Irrelevant information for the position can be omitted if you’re running out of space
  • Choose the right size font
  • Use a professionally shot photograph. No selfies, self-shot photos with poor lighting

CV template

Advait has prepared an anonymised pdf CV template which you can download and use for your job applications. You can download the template in return for a small contribution (2 EUR) to support our blog and podcast.

CV Template by Advait Valluri
For the India2Germany podcast, we spoke with Advait Valluri, Data Analytics Project Manager at Audi, about his suggestions for preparing a professional-looking CV for job search in Germany. You can listen to the conversation here: has…

Give your job search a boost

Get expert feedback on your CV and cover letter from Advait:

CV and cover letter review with Advait Valluri
Get expert feedback on your CV and cover letter!

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