#15: 🚀 Jobs at DCSO, 🗣 From mechanical engineering to data science and ✍️ Christmas traditions in Germany

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Dr. Paras Mehta
Dr. Paras Mehta

🚀 Jobs at DCSO

Deutsche Cyber-Sicherheitsorganisation (DCSO) is an independent cybersecurity services company set up by Allianz, BASF, Bayer and Volkswagen. Currently there are openings in the area of IT security, sales and marketing at the company in Berlin. Read more here.

🗣 From mechanical engineering to data science in the German automotive sector with Advait Valluri

Advait Valluri, Data Analytics Project Manager at Audi in Ingolstadt, Germany, shares his experience of working as a mechanical engineer in the automotive sector in Germany and transitioning from mechanical engineering to data science. Advait did his masters in Automotive Engineering from the RWTH Aachen University and started his career as a trainee at Audi. He talks to us about how he is using data science in his current role and gives very useful advice to people aspiring to work in the German automotive sector, including current job opportunities, important skills and available career paths in the automotive sector.

🎙 Listen to the full episode and 📝 Read the blog here.

✍️ Christmas traditions in Germany

Christmas is a special time to be in Germany. Whether it's Christmas trees, Advent wreaths and calendars, or gingerbread, Christmas traditions and customs are highly cherished. Let us give you an overview of some of the most important Christmas and Advent traditions in Germany. Read more here.

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Dr. Paras Mehta

Software developer and data scientist PhD FU Berlin | Marie Curie and Erasmus Mundus fellow | BTech DTU | Visiting Researcher Cambridge

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