The concept of Tagesmutter in Germany

Instead of a kindergarten, you also have the option to send your child to a Tagesmutter in Germany. We explain what this means and how it is different from a kindergarten.

Dr. Paras Mehta
Dr. Paras Mehta

When looking for a kindergarten, you may have heard the term Tagesmutter or (childminder). Similarly, there are also many Tagesväter in Germany :-). In fact, a total of 173,988 children in day care in Germany are cared for by a Tagesmutter or a Tagesvater (there are 44,7982 of them in total according to the Federal Statistical Office as of 1 March 2020).

A Tagesmutter looks after up to 5 children in her own household or in rooms rented by her. But not everyone can work as a Tagesmutter without preconditions. A childcare permit from the youth welfare office (Jugendamt) is required. The Tagesmutter can, but does not necessarily have to have a pedagogical education. In order to receive the care permission, however, it is necessary that she attends a qualification course. This course comprises 160 teaching units. As a rule, Tagesmütter also take part in further training courses at a later date. The premises are also checked by the youth welfare office for safety and hygiene. The Tagesmutter receives a state allowance per child for her work. This way, the care provided by her is not more expensive for the parents than attending a kindergarten. As a rule, children from 1 to 3 years of age, in some cases 4 years, visit a Tagesmutter. At the age of 4 years at the latest, a switch to a kindergarten is necessary.

Parents in Germany choose the care of a Tagesmutter for various reasons. The most important thing is that they want a small, manageable group size in a family environment for their toddler. The Tagesmutter should be a stable reference person for the children, offering them a family-like situation.

If you are interested in a care by a Tagesmutter, you should ask for a recommendation from other parents who already have a child cared for there. As a second step, you can contact her and arrange a visit or an appointment to get to know each other.

If you are looking for information about the kindergarten system in Germany, check out the article in the link below.

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Let us give you an overview of the kindergarten system, different types of kindergarten, some facts to keep in mind and what kids learn at a kindergarten in Germany.

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