Which technologies are in demand for Software Development jobs?

We have gone through several job listings and compiled a list of important technologies and skills that are most sought after for software development roles.

Dr. Paras Mehta
Dr. Paras Mehta

In our previous Knowing the relevant skills is an important factor while evaluating the job market and looking for jobs. We have gone through several job listings and compiled a list of important technologies and skills that are most sought after for software development roles. This is not an exhaustive list, but we believe that these are a safe bet when it comes to finding a job as software developer.

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Programming languages

The most sought after programming languages are Python, Javascript/Typescript, Java, Kotlin, Scala and PHP. So, if you have good knowledge of one of these languages, you should be able to find plenty of vacancies. There are other options as well though, but they seem to be relatively lesser in demand at the moment, e.g., Ruby, C, Clojure, Rust, Golang, Erlang.

Frontend development

Most frontend roles need an understanding of CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Several companies have switched to using Typescript instead of Javascript due to its ease of maintenance as the codebase grows. Hence, knowledge of Typescript is also very useful. It is even better if you have experience with a JavaScript framework, such as ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS or NextJS. These frameworks make it easy to build complex applications through reusable user interface components and ensure good performance and usability. Many frontend developer positions are looking for experience with one of these frameworks.

Backend development

For backend development, NodeJS, Django, Flask, Spring Boot, Spring, Hibernate, Akka, Play are particularly sought after. NodeJS is a framework for running JavaScript on the backend, Django and Flask are written in Python, Spring Boot, Spring and Hibernate are used with Java and Kotlin, whereas Akka and Play are written in Scala. If you have a background in Java, experience with Kotlin would be an added advantage since many companies that are using Java for their backend are gradually migrating to Kotlin.

Mobile development

For cross-platform app development, there is a lot of requirement for React Native and Flutter developers. Both React Native and Flutter allow cross-platform mobile app development, i.e., one codebase can be used to develop and run apps on Android and iOS. This is huge cost saver, particularly for startups. Similarly, experience with Java and Kotlin for Android, and Objective C for iOS is also very useful.

Infrastructure and APIs

Most companies run their infrastructure in the cloud these days, so knowledge of a cloud provider, e.g., AWS, Azure or GCP is great. Similarly, experience with GraphQL, Kubernetes, Terraform and CI/CD pipelines is very valuable.


Experience with at least one relational or NoSQL database is essential. The most popular relational databases are PostgeSQL and MySQL, whereas MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra and DynamoDB are well-known NoSQL databases.

Other skills

In addition to the above, other skills such as experience with git, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming and Agile software practices are also important requirements for jobs.

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