New AI campus in Berlin soon

A new AI campus is being constructed in the center of Berlin to house AI startups and researchers.

Dr. Paras Mehta
Dr. Paras Mehta

AI company builder Merantix is building an AI campus in the center of Berlin which will house startups and researchers working in the AI space. The goal is to facilitate networking and collaboration between different players in the field and enable them to work side by side in one physical location on research problems and applications of AI.

The facility will be located between S-Bahn stations Nordbahnhof and Humboldthain. Construction is already underway and the project is expected to be completed by spring 2021.

For more information, check out the website of the AI campus, where you can view a presentation brochure giving an overview of the project.

Also check out this recent newspaper article (in German) in the Berlin daily Tagesspiegel.


Dr. Paras Mehta

Paras has spent 10 yrs in software, data science, research & entrepreneurship in Germany. PhD FU Berlin | MSc 1st position | Marie Curie, Erasmus Mundus fellow | BTech DTU | Visiting Scholar Cambridge

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